4/22/2019 - 5/5/2019

Perfect-- the concept is thrown about a lot. If we could get "perfect," we would find happiness, or so the thought goes. Perfect is an illusion, but it's one many of us still aim for. If we could get the to perfect weight, we would feel better about ourselves, and so on. Trying to be perfect is a never-ending game... one you'll never win. What if we decided to lay down the pursuit of perfect and choose a better way? A different mindset? What if we decided to aim for "better"? To be a better spouse, a better friend, a better man or woman. A better leader or boss, a better neighbor, a better employee. Unlike "perfect," better is attainable. Better can move us forward in our lives, relationships, and careers. It all comes down to one overarching challenge from Jesus and a corresponding question. As we pursue this different mindset, we will quickly discover a powerful truth: better > perfect.

In This Series

  1. Do This One Thing
  2. Let It Go