2/4/2019 - 4/14/2019

When Jesus stepped out of the Jordan River after His baptism, He began the restoration of mankind to God, a restoration planned from the beginning of time. But Jesus did not add to the labyrinth of laws, traditions, rituals, and sacrifices necessary for the old religion. Instead, Jesus swept away religion and brought the world a pure relationship with God. Walk with New Horizons Fellowship through the most significant events in the life of Jesus, during this message series called “Ninety,” in preparation for Easter. You can join this path of discovery as together we reconsider our relationship to God through the filter of Jesus’ words and actions, a filter that reveals love and life, and rejects religion by rules.

In This Series

  1. For the World
  2. Upside Down
  3. Fish Tricks
  4. New World Order
  5. Greater Indeed
  6. Nic at Night
  7. Leading Great
  8. The New Covenant
  9. The One Commandment
  10. The Pilate Chronicles