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Prayer at New Horizons Fellowship: PowerLine

How can the PowerLine team of New Horizons Fellowship pray for you?

You may provide your request via the link below. 

If you prefer to leave your prayer request by phone, you may call 919-629-4153. 

Thank you for trusting NHF’s PowerLine team with your prayer needs!

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Support at New Horizons Fellowship

New Horizons offers an assortment of ways to receive healthy support, including seminars, support groups such as GriefShare or DivorceCare, a Care Team to offer practical helps in crisis situations, and a Cheer Team to provide visits.

Throughout the year, New Horizons offers helpful seminars based upon psychological insights and Biblical truths. Typically, seminars are an hour in length and take place on Sundays, immediately following Celebration services. Seminars address a variety of life and relationship challenges. 

Support Groups Life after the death of someone close is heart-breaking. Divorce, separation and single parenting are also ongoing and painful experiences. Making these journeys with the support and care of others who are going through similar times makes it a little easier. That is why New Horizons offers support groups at various times during the year. All support groups are led by facilitators who have experienced the pain of the situations and who can relate to others who are going through these losses. 

Care Team
Tasks such as meal delivery, grocery shopping, house cleaning, errand running, transportation to doctor's visits, or small home repairs are examples of services that can be performed for New Horizons attenders who find themselves in a time of critical need and do not have a small group connection.

Cheer Team
Visits are coordinated for New Horizons attenders who live in care facilities, are house-bound, or hospitalized.