New Horizons Fellowship exists to develop healthy followers of Christ

Followers of Christ know God, connect to God's family, and reach out to include others, receiving support to be healthy along the way.



God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. He has infinite love and concern for His creation, including you.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Christ, who became the sacrifice for each of us when we broke our relationship with God.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. His presence lives in all believers, as promised and shown in the Bible.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s love letter to you, revealing who He is, and telling the story of how He works in human lives for good.

The Human Race

We are created in the image of God, and are the focus of God’s creation. He loves us, and wants to rescue us from the storms and troubles we have made trying to navigate life as our own captain.


Because we cannot work our way to God, God made a way for us to live with Him in this world, and the next. Trusting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the beginning of a full and complete life, no matter when you start.

Eternal Security

You can’t do anything to earn eternal life with God, so it’s not in your power to lose it. It is God’s power, not ours, that keeps each believer in God’s eternal family.

The Life Beyond

We are created for eternity, not just a few decades here on Earth. God makes it clear in the Bible that people who trust His gift of eternal life will spend that eternity with Him and the people of God. Those who reject Him will spend an eternity without God.