Inside New Horizons

Your Spiritual Journey

All of us approach our spiritual journey with our own personalities and preferences, our current skills and season of life.  It's not a one-size-fits-all process. Wherever you are on your journey, though, there is always a next step toward God. Here are three areas which offer next steps:

DISCOVER GOD - Do you have questions about God? Questions like, "Who is He, and Why does He care about me?" Or, "What's the point of following Him?" These are great questions! Each Sunday the Celebration service is designed to share more of what it means to have a relationship to God through Jesus, so attending Celebration is a step toward discovering God. As you discover more, another step may be becoming a Christ-follower. You may choose to take the step of baptism to demonstrate your decision to follow the example of Jesus. On your journey of discovery, New Horizons will accept your questions, offer answers to consider, and give you time to explore.
CONNECT TO GOD'S FAMILY - Offered several times each year, Connect Groups are one way to deepen your relationship with God and meet others who share that goal. Connecting to God's family can also happen as you use your gifts and talents on a serving team. Perhaps you may decide it's time for you to connect to the larger New Horizons church family through membership.
REACH OUT TO INCLUDE OTHERS - The Bible tells each of us to share the hope we have received, reaching out to include others.  Reaching out includes going to those who cannot come to New Horizons themselves, like those who are in prison or nursing homes. It also means inviting your friends, neighbors, coworkers and relatives to discover a relationship with God and take their own next steps on their spiritual journeys.

All of these steps are available through New Horizons Fellowship. Check your Sunday program for specific details, or email to